3M – Vehicle Conspicuity Tapes

3M – Vehicle Conspicuity Tapes

983 Conspicuity Sheeting : 983 Conspicuity Sheeting with polycarbonate microprisms give night time vehicle visibility a whole new brightness. And 983’s tough engineering is designed for extreme road conditions – resisting cracking and peeling. Superior optics provide reflectivity even at almost 90O angles.

Vehicle Safety Marking System : "With reference to the G.S.R No 784(E), CMVR ruleno 104 has mandated usage of Retro-Reflective Tape conforimg to AIS 090 on all N classes commercial vehicles (w.e.f 1st April. 2009) and M class Passenger Carrying vehicles(w.e.f 1st October 2009)."

"The mandate directs to use tape with "C" mark and "Manufacturer name" on the tape. The Manufacturer should have Geruine ARAI certificate for the product."

3M 983 sheeting - A step towards vehicular safety

When it comes to conspicuity sheeting, brighter is better. 3M 983 sheeting is the brightest of them all. The sheeting construction uses tough polycarbonate microprisms and is guaranteed to last for a period of seven years. The sheeting is able to stand the recommended rigors of cleaning, cracking & peeling.