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Journey of TEDI

  • 2009 - Ventured for Trading Business with Dealers of 3M Retro Reflective Tapes and Dealer of Speed Governors Products In the Name of Shri Sabareesh Enterprises.
  • 2012 - Started Distribution of Vehicle conspicuity 3M (Traffic safety system Division), in the name of "TEDI INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED".
  • 2013 - Started Manufacturing & Marketing of Car care products in the Brand Name of TEDI.
  • 2013 - Started GPS Vehicle Tracking System / GSM Vehicle Security System.
  • 2014 - Started Manufacturing & Marketing Automotive Paints, in the Name of Z+ (ZED PLUS).
  • 20014 - Started Manufacturing & Marketing of C90 Engine Coolant
  • 2015 - Started Distributorship of speed Limiting Device in the Brand Name of (Hovel & Ecogas) - (State Transport Approval - Government Mandatory Product).
  • 2015 - Started Manufacturing & Marketing of Auto Dipper In the Brand Name of TEDI.


"TEDI INDIA Pvt Limited is a ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company in Chennai."

TEDI INDIA PVT LIMITED was formed in the Year 2012 with the sheer efforts of its Business Partners Elumalai and Sundar who had a distant vision to grow rapidly thereby becoming a complete Solution Provider for various Automotive needs and requirements.

The journey started by handling the Traffic Safety Division of 3M India in Tamilnadu, since then and went ahead to start various wings and divisions of TEDI.


TEDI INDIA explored their Business into Automotive Paints with the brand name Z+,followed by Car Care Products for Four Wheeler and Two Wheeler Divisions, Speed Governors, Auto Dippers, and C90 Engine Coolant and Vehicle Conspicuity Tapes from 3M.

Zed Plus Automotive Paints

Zed Plus, an Enamel, Alkyd, Polyurethane, based automotive paint, was integrated from,Tedi Paints. And one of the good quality brand in the categeory of automotive paints.

Polyurethane Paints

The cost of Eco PU was a hurdle in upgradation of alkyd paints users to polyurethane(PU) Paints. TEDI Paints identified this gap and introduced ZED EYCON & ZED PLUS in the emerging low cost PU for Commercial Transport segment.

Car Care Products

Car Shampoo : Car shampoo stains of Dirt, Greasy and Oily substance and thereby makes surfaces more shiny and glossy. It’s Unique Prepation Lessens Irritation During Application.

Auto Dipper

Auto dip (Auto Dipper) is a comfort & safety device which automatically shifts the high beam of head light of any vehicle from high beam to low beam. This device not only provides comfort to drivers from manual dipping

Speed Limiting Device

We are the Leading Supplier of Premium Quality Speed Governor / Vehicle Speed Limiter in Tamilnadu, India. We Suppling Government (ARAI / ICAT / VRDE) Approved Electronic Speed Governor suitable for all types of Commercial Vehicles.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

We provide you with live tracking information, tracking history, services of tracking multiple vehicles and remote immobilization. With our services on alerting you when your vehicle is being towed, speeding over, the running time

GSM Vehicle Security System

In Modern time where illegal, mal-practices are prevailing in society due to short temperedness in individuals or increased aspirations. Once has to take care of its asset himself.

3M – Vehicle Conspicuity Tapes

983 Conspicuity Sheeting with polycarbonate microprisms give night time vehicle visibility a whole new brightness. And 983’s tough engineering is designed for extreme road conditions – resisting cracking and peeling.

C90 Engine Coolant

Tedi C90 products your engine. The high temperatures in the cooling system and the presence of the water that is used to dilute the coolant create ideal conditions for corrosion.

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